About Adhikarya Cipta Persada?

Adhikarya Cipta Persada (ACP) is the organizer of alternative trade systems in Indonesia. ACP was established on 2005 with a foundation to bring great benefits to the business community. ACP's main role is as the organizer of facilities for its members to conduct futures contract transactions based on prices determined through efficient interactions based on demand and supply in the electronic trading system. The establishment of ACP was based on Law No. 32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures Trading..

ACP is committed to providing the best solutions and services for the Futures Trading Industry (PBK). The process of transformation and utilization of the latest information technology is optimized to respond to market demands and a dynamic business environment. ACP consistently innovates, develops products, enhances capacity and competencies of all organizational functions and lines, as well as providing international scale commodity trading infrastructure..

ACP is proud to have been part of the system of administering commodity sector trade transactions at the domestic and global levels..